Letsip® Pack 7

Letsip® fitness products

Produktnr: 248946


Letsip´s fitness tools get stimulus to the muscles,


Letsip® fitness products:

Letsip® S5
Letsip® S2
Letsip® V0 mouthpiece (width 20mm/.78").
Letsip® V1 mouthpiece (width 20mm/.78")
Letsip® V-series pulsing handle. 
USB charger cable is included, along with one V-Series handle

Related exercises


Exercising and stimulation of the lips can encourage a greater range of movement, sensory function and awareness of the mouths position and placement. The muscles in and around the mouth give the lips their form and appearance. The lips help to create a vacuum, helping to keep the mouth closed.


The cheeks have many muscles that control the lips and the mouth’s functions. The muscular movements of the cheeks, are important for mimicry, speech, eating and drinking. The movement of the cheeks, lips and jaw, are connected and are therefore difficult to control separately due to their uniform muscle movements.

Stimulate the muscles

Use the Letsip V and/or S-series to stimulate the muscles in and around the mouth. Tighten these muscles by pulling the muscles out and releasing quickly. Observe the reaction of the muscles.