Letsip® Pack 1 bottle set with tongue stopper

Pack 1 is recommended as a starter pack. You'll need at least two bottles with the tongue stopper. To achieve good results or as maintenance, the bottles should be used throughout the day. To use the bottles with water, juice, smoothies or drinking yogurt, we recommend the bottle set.

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Pack 1 is recommended as your initial starter pack. You'll need at least two bottles with the tongue stopper. To achieve good results or as maintenance, the bottles should be used throughout the day. For cleaning or use with water, juice, smoothies or drinking yogurt,we suggest purchasing the bottle set. 

The Letsip tongue stoppers are a clever new mouthpiece, that pacify the tongues rigid movements. Through the aid of this straw/ mouthpiece, the child can progress from smacking on the straw, to achieving proper suction.

The texture of the drink is essential, for it to pass correctly through to the throat, and not into the airways. This is important so the child does not develop aversion towards the straw.

When a new drinking technique has been established, you can gradually move towards thinner fluids. Caution and patience is important and we recommend that you don't push the new drink bottle onto the child, but encourage them, so that they want more from the mouthpiece as opposed to being deterred from using it.

Some children progress quickly from the nursing bottle by Letsip and onwards onto a cup or regular straw, however others will need some regular maintenance usage, and further training with Letsip so that they don't regress into old habits. 

The straw is not intended to entirely replace ordinary drinking methods, but is to be offered along with, or as a treat. If the child really wants what they are being offered, it's much easier to change and improve their drinking patterns and behaviours.

TIP: Hold a finger under the lower lip and press it towards the tongue stopper. This helps to eliminate any room for the tongue to stick out. 

If the child rejects this way of drinking, then abort the attempt and try again at a later stage.

Children are very different, react and develop differently. If they don't want to use the tongue stopper, we suggest putting it away until they are are willing to try again. Children aged between 1 and 3 years old can often be challenging, so don't push the child beyond what they are willing to try. It can be helpful letting the child try the drink from a spoon first, and then offering it via the Letsip drink bottle. 

The general rule of thumb, “ introduce one change at a time”, also applies here. We recommend only changing either texture or taste, but not both at the same time. Introducing too many changes can affect a child's willingness to use the mouthpiece altogether and can hinder progress. 

We also do not recommended starting, using a thinly textured liquid. This is due to the child not having the technique needed to swallow thin liquids. Start using thicker drinks such as smoothies. 

In our experience, we've seen good results  from the ages of 7 to 9 months age and upwards.

These Letsip products are suitable for children, juveniles and adults, all whom are training and maintaining good drinking habits. Suitable for people with Downs syndrome, Cerebral Palsy etc... 

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