Letsip® K10L

Letsip K10Large, 10mm/.39" ball on 47mm/1.85" wire.

Produktnr: 215789


Extra large training aids that provide great grip with the tongue. These aids are easier to feel with the tongue, easier to follow for the therapist in a mirror, and easier for mouth breathers.

This tongue trainer is made in an extra large size, so that it is easier for the user to find in the mouth, and to manoeuvre in the desired direction.

The ball is 10mm in diameter, is dishwasher safe and can be sterilised.

Related exercises

S-series for stabilising the lips and cheeks

Letsip offers a variation of training levels and difficulty with our S-series. The level of difficulty is determined by the size of the mouth tool used, where the smallest tool only reaches the lips, and the biggest mouth tool reaches the lips and also stimulates the cheeks.

Stronger lips through exercising both sides

Exercise by rounding out the lips and closing the mouth, and by pulling the corners of the mouth out. This stabilises the cheek on the opposite side. Pout but don't tighten the chin!

Stimulating the lips

Trigger the muscles in the lips to tighten and pull in together. The stimulation of the upper lip is particularly important as it can easily becoming passive, leading to an over active jaw and chin.


Letsip® K-series

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