Letsip® K-Serie Small pack

Exercise and train the tongue with 10mm/.39" ball. Letsip® K4 (55mm/2.17") Letsip® K5 (65mm/2.56") Letsip® K10L (large = 53mm/2.09")

Produktnr: 215786


Letsip K10L

Letsip K5

Letsip K4

Related exercises

Exercising the tongue inside the mouth

The Letsip K-series was developed specifically for the exercising of the tip of the tongue, and to develop the lateral movement of the tongue. Practice speed and agility, whilst improving your oral muscular conditions for eating, drinking and clearer speech.

K10 tongue trainer

The Letsip K10 involves exercising the tongue, by lifting the tip of the tongue inside the mouth. This Improves the following sounds: rolling r, l, n, d and t, as well as general strength, developing precision, speed and agility.


Letsip® K-series

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