Letsip® Pack 6

This Letsip range has been specially designed to train the mouth, lips and cheeks, for people with neurological conditions. These tools develop the fine motor of the tongue, and train lips and cheek muscles with resistance exercises.

Produktnr: 249394


Letsip® pack 6 includes:

  • Letsip® S5
  • Letsip® S2
  • Letsip® K10L

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Letsip® Training Program 1

Letsip® Pack 6 is designed for the daily exercise and maintenance of the lips, tongue and cheeks. Train the lips and cheek muscles with resistance exercises, and develop the fine motor skills of the tongue - 6 exercises in 3 minutes 2 times a day 3-6 weeks Read more and watch the training video at http://www.letsip.no/letsip-pack-6/ Letsip® pack 6 consists of: Letsip® S5, Letsip® S2 and Letsip® K10L


Program 1

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