Letsip® Pack 3

Pack 3. Training the lips, tongue and cheeks.

Produktnr: 215790


Letsip K5

Letsip K4

Letsip K10

Letsip V5 mouthpiece

Letsip V3 mouthpiece

Letsip V1 mouthpiece

Letsip handle with USB charger cable is included

In this package is there one handle and 3 mouthpieces.


Pack 3. For tongue mobility, training with ball, especially towards the sides or with tongue deviation. It consists of a selection from the V-series to use as a stimulation pen towards orofacialis regulating therapy and to work on the cheeks, lip and tongue. Sonic vibration turns out to have good effect on increasing muscular activity for a lot of users. Consists of K4, K5, K10L, V1 mouthpiece , V3 mouthpiece, V5 mouthpiece and one Letsip handle.

Related exercises

Stimulate the muscles

Use the Letsip V and/or S-series to stimulate the muscles in and around the mouth. Tighten these muscles by pulling the muscles out and releasing quickly. Observe the reaction of the muscles.