Castillo morales

All of the products Letsip® produces, can be used with several therapies. Many therapists uses the products simultaneously with Castillo Morales orofacial regulatory therapy.

The philosophy and approach of Letsip® when it comes to oral motor skills, is largely based on Castillo Morales Orofacial regulation therapy. Due to this the Letsip® they are a great supplement to each other. Both Letsip® and the Castillo Morales Orofacial method, can be used by all to strengthen either wanted, or dampen unwanted muscle movements. They can also be used actively as a stimulation pen on the musculature both inside and outside the mouth.

Stimulating the lips, checks and tongue with Letsip®  products, triggers and feeds impulses into the musculature in and around the the lips and the mouth. The V-series from Letsip®  vibrates and gives deep muscle stimulation.

(fig): Musculature A to H is (simply explained)  attached to the jaw and/or cranium at one end, and the lips (m.oricularis oris) at the other.

Movements and stimulation of the tongue, lips and cheek, will lead to inactive musculature receiving impulses without neurological contact with the brain.


Castillo Morales*, figure above shows arrows indicating each muscles movement towards its attachments. All appart from H (m.mentalis) which pushes the lower lip up.

A:Lifts the central section of the upper lip and flares the wings of the nostrils (m.levator labii superioris nasi).

B: Lifts the upper lip (m. levator labii superioris).

C: Lifts the corner of the mouth (m. levator anguli oris).

D: Lifts the corner of the mouth up and out (m. zygomaticus minor/major).

E: Pulls the corner of the mouth horizontally outwards (m. risorius).

F: Pulls the corner of the mouth down (m. drepressor anguli oris).

G: Pulls the lower lip down (m. depressor labii inferioris).

H: Lifts the chin and the lower lip (m. mentalis).


* Castillo Morales-concept is a whole neurological rehabilitation concept for children and adults with motor censory, orofacial and comunicational difficulties.



Castillo Morales stim. 1

Letsip V-series vibrates an stimulates deeply in the musculature. Stimulation of the muscles ranging from the eyes and forehead and down to cheeks, lips and chin.

Stimulate the muscles

Use the Letsip V and/or S-series to stimulate the musculature around the mouth. Tighten the muscles by pulling the muscles out and release quickly. Observe the reaction of the muscles.