Letsip®, not a new method

Letsip® is not a new method, but rather, a set of tools. Letsip can thus be used as part of several different treatments, facilitating varied and functional training. The sleek and neutral design makes the products suitable for all ages.

Based on long clinical experience, and founded in general theory about strength and motility training, Letsip has developed a few suggestions for use of the products. These can be seen on the webpage and are to be seen as guidelines only.



It's important to differentiate between method and tools, when one looks at teaching and training. Method represents theories or principles that one works by, and will often require education and/or certification. An example of a oral motor skill method, is the Castillo Morales method which is a full treatment concept.

Letsip® is not a method, but rather utensils. The tools that facilitate varied exercises. This is an advantage and places the responsibility on the trainer's evaluation and systematic progress monitoring, see research and evidence based method. The practitioner can of course choose to use Letsip® resources within these different established methods.



Letsip® is designed to meet both the practitioner's and the patient's need for a varied and functioning exercise tool. Great flexibility in the approach for treatment, is a necessity due to the variations in users when it comes to age, cognitive function, type of difficulty, and where in the learning or injury progress one is. Letsip® facilitates a huge range of adaptability for the individual user, and due to its sleek design, fits users of all ages.


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