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Train and maintain muscle function in the lips, cheeks and tongue. Letsip® helps you train these muscle functions more effectively, in a motivational and easy manner.

Muscles must be trained with resistance. Exercises with facial grimacing and the use of facial mimicking, is like training with exercise equipment, without weights.

"Use it, don’t lose it"


Little mimicry – difficulty smiling – Coughs when drinking thin liquids, or swallowing into the trachea (aspiration)- Difficulty speaking clearly – Open-mouth breathing (Sitting often with an open mouth to breathe, rather than breathing through the nose) - Sore throat – Decreased or impaired sensory functions of the tongue, lips or cheeks.


Drooling is a complex and multifaceted problem: The most common problem being when one opens their mouth, before swallowing spit. We swallow approximately every 3 minutes.

Drooling is an interaction between lips, tongue, jaw and cheeks, where one forgets or does not know that they need to swallow often and spontaneously.

This sense can be reduced where one may be unaware that their mouth is full of saliva and can include poor mouth closure with lips and cheeks, and/ or involuntary opening of the mouth, at an inconvenient moment.


Training the lips, tongue, jaw and cheeks, increases the likelihood of swallowing easier and more often. Stronger and more flexible muscles within the mouth, will increase the control over the mouth’s important functions.


Training with Letsip® products can increase the muscle functions in the cheeks, lips and tongue.


The muscles in the lips, cheeks, jaw and tongue are important for all movements of the face. Impaired oral motility can hinder these foundational and basic movements for speech, eating and drinking.


Letsip® P1

Letsip® Pack 6 is designed for the daily exercise and maintenance of the lips, tongue and cheeks. Train the lips and cheek muscles with resistance exercises, and develop the fine motor skills of the tongue - 6 exercises in 3 minutes 2 times a day 3-6 weeks Read more and watch the training video at Letsip® pack 6 consists of: Letsip® S5, Letsip® S2 and Letsip® K10L

Letsip® Program 1