Letsip® K-series

The Letsip® K-series exercises and stimulates the tongue, through the movement of the ball.

Letsip® K-series are extra large tongue exercisers, with a 10mm/.39" ball. The purpose of this is to make it easier for the user to find the ball in his or her mouth and practice moving the ball in the desired direction, depending on the exercise being performed.

For some users the Letsip® K-series can fully replace oral motor exercising plates for strengthening the tip of the tongue and the lateral movement of the tongue.

The K-series can strengthen the tongue before articulation training. The different sounds created with the tip of the tongue (e.g. L, N and R), at the roof of the mouth (e.g. D and T) and with the mouth closed (e.g. B, P and M), can all become better with the use of K-series.

The K-series can contribute to a better lift of the tip of the tongue and can exercise lateral movements, thus improving eating, mastication, chewing et.c.


Letsip® K-series can be used to improve the speed and agility of the tongue after a stroke and other trauma.The manner of which the K-series is used will differ from user to user. Amongst other features, the large “wings” on the K-series, stimulate the cheek and lip musculature alongside the tongue training.

To use the K-series, place the wire between the teeth, and the plastic arc between the teeth and lips. This way the user will be able to sit with it in his or her mouth without the use of hands or assistance. It can be maneuvered sideways or held between the lips or teeth, if it cannot be placed within the mouth in the correct manner.

Letsip® K-series can be used at the same time as other “sit down” activities. It is recommended to be used in short 1 to 10 minute bouts, several times a day.

The K-series in combination with other “bite blocks", can be used to strengthen the jaw and tongues flexibility.

OBS: The ball is big and heavy and should therefore be used with caution, so that no damage is done to the teeth.



Exercising the tongue inside the mouth

K-series is developed specifically for the exercising of the tip of the tongue and lateral movement of the tongue. Practice speed and agility. Improve the conditions for eating, drinking and speech.

Letsip® K10 tongue trainer

Exercise lifting the tip of the tongue inside the mouth. (Improves, among else, the following sounds: rolling r, l, n, d and t). Practice precision, speed and agility.

Provides great grip with the tongue

Meant to be used particularly for tongue training. Easier to feel with the tongue.