Letsip® V-series

The V-series is a versatile product for exercising lip, cheek and tongue. It reaches deep into the musculature with its sonic vibration.

In our experience, some respond to the use of vibrations better than others.This is where the Letsip V-Series comes in. 

The Letsip V-series is designed to give muscles more stimulus, so that they develop better, giving a broader range of higher or lower muscle activity. With the Letsip V-Series, the sonic vibrations penetrate deeper into the muscles, so that stimulation is more powerful.

Long term stimulation of the same muscle will also reduce tension and tone.

The handle has five different settings: Strong, Medium, Sensitive, Pulse 1 and  Pulse 2.

Sonic pulse technique : up to 48.000 impulses/min.

Charger is included.

This package includes 1 handle and 6 mouthpieces.

Exercise lips and cheeks

Strength on both sides of the mouth is important. This can be achieved by pulling the corners of the mouth out and stabilising the opposite cheek, whilst pouting.

Exercise the smile musculature

Exercise the cheeks, central face and lips by pulling the tool out and smiling. The exerciser tool has an opening which helps to prevent an oral vacuum. The tool also vibrates for additional oral stimulation and strengthening.